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Jazz From Planet Flippo

Videos of the Planet Flippo Quartet and Trio,
live at Jerry's Wicker Park, Chicago IL , April 21st and May 22nd , 2016.
From the ensemble's two recent CDs-
"Life on Mars" and "TaoTunes. "
All arrangements/compositions by Dave Flippo.
Dave Flippo-keys - Dan Hesler-sax - Heath Chappell-drums - Donn De Santo-bass.

Life on Mars
- by David Bowie

Fool on the Hill
- by Lennon/McCartney

If Six Was Nine"
- by Jimi Hendrix

Chelsea Morning
- by Joni Mitchell

Useful -by Dave Flippo,
from "Tao Tunes."

Worthy -by Dave Flippo,
from "Tao Tunes."

- by Stevie Wonder

Norwegian Wood
-The Dave Flippo Quartet